Do the iPod Shuffle

Since I’ve been buying songs from iTunes for a while now, I’ve started looking for a player that can directly play AAC protected songs, instead of writing them to cd’s and then re-ripping them (and in the process probably loosing some quality). I still write them to cd’s, but that’s only for backup.

My previous mp3 player, a Philips 128Mbyte one, can only play regular mp3’s, and the interaction with iTunes was not good – I had several crashes of iTunes and even my powerbook completely, so I did not update regularly.

Yesterday in the Fnac in Brussels I stumbled over the 1 Gigabyte iPod Shuffle – there were only a few left @ 149 euros. It is perfect for my needs. I don’t need a full iPod device, I carry my laptop around with me practically everywhere, but for those times without it, it would be nice to be able to play those songs that I’ve bought.
It’s a mite expensive for a player without a display, though. For the same price you could buy a similar 1 Gig mp3 player with lcd display, but that again won’t play aac tracks.

Filling it up as we speak – quality is quite good, except that I miss the extra bass that the Philips put in.

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