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Devolo Powerline AV500+ network problems (2)

In a recent post I wrote about the persistent network problems that I had with my Devolo Powerline and that I solved it.

Wrong ! Turns out that the firmware update was not the answer – I now have anywhere between 1 and 4 days before I have to pull the devolo plug. I have contacted Devolo support, but they only sent me a faq about what to do when you have a slow network connection and how to solve it.

But this is not my problem – everything works fine, at reasonable to very good speeds, when *suddenly* the network connection drops. Bam, no more network connection. Usually when I’m copying something to the NAS. Like I’ve suddenly reached a limit on file size or file transfers and everything is cut off.

The only way to solve it is to remove the devolo powerplug (that is downstairs and connected to the router) from the mains, wait 10 seconds or so and reinsert it. That does the trick just about every time (sometimes it is the Telenet router that hangs, but that only happens once in a while).

Update : in the comments on this post people have found an alternate solution : using the devolo management software, you can restart the device remotely, and then it works again (the connection over the powerline keeps working so you can reach the device that way).

I’ll try and keep a count here on how many times I have to restart the devolo plug.

20121118 : reset devolo powerplug
20121125 : reset at least 4 times (doing heavy moving of content to NAS)
20121128 : reset 2 times (telework today, only citrix connection)

Update December 29 2012 : this problem has kept on appearing intermittently – either after a week or several times a day. It seems to indicate that there is a problem with the amount of data throughput.

Update April 09 2013 : I’ve received a new firmware from Devolo to test out, and applied it to all the Devolo AV500 devices I have. The problem is *less* when the network is stable (ie low usage, mail check and such) but worse when actually *using* the network. I now need to reset the AV device about 5 times on a work-from-home day instead of 1 or 2 times.

Update April 14 2013 : received another mail from Devolo to test out the devolo boxes. The test consisted of plugging in 2 devolo boxes on an extension cord so that they are connected via the same socket. A good linkage apparantly is that both the “power” and “home” icon on both devices give a “green” light. I’ve taken a picture of this and added this to the mail I sent back to them. I honestly don’t think I’ve gotten to the second level support as yet, all the things I’ve done until now have been the basic “check this, do that, there is a bad connection, you must be doing something wrong” type of answers that a typical first level support tends to give. I am persisting in keeping in contact with them, and hopefully I will get some more technical requests…

Update April 28 2013 :  I’ve received a few more questions about how my devolo boxes are setup, what type of modem that I use (a eurodocsis 3.0) and so on. I’ve sent those on, and they have now asked me to switch the devolo’s about to see if the problem is located in one physical devolo item or if this problem is caused by a network situation. I have yet to do so, but will do that in the following days. The questions have become more technical, the solution (switch em around) not yet, but it’s a logical thing to test.

Update May 19 2013 : on request of devolo support, I’ve switched my dlan AV500 plus around with my dlan AV500 Triple plus. So the dlan device with the 3 ports is now connected to the router and the single-port dlan which was connected to the router  device is now on the other end. For two weeks I have not had a single crash !  For me that confirms that the problem lies with the single-port AV500 plus. Maybe it has to process all the other traffic and can’t cope while the 3-port device can ? I don’t know.
I’ve informed Devolo of the results and am awaiting their reply. I hope they take this serious and do an in-depth investigation and fix this with a new firmware release. After all, I’m not the only one that is having these problems, seeing all the comments below this post. And putting a 3-port dlan switch on your router where only one port can be used is a bit useless to me.

Update June 9, 2013 :   Devolo support thinks that it is just one faulty device and have asked me to reswitch back the devices to the original locations to confirm that this is the case. I’ve done that and do have the same problems again. This is on the latest published firmware. I’ve also pointed them to this blog and have asked them to read the comments in this post. It seems very unlikely that it is just one faulty device when all the people below leave comments with a “me-too” message – or perhaps there is a whole batch of them ? I still hope a firmware update will solve the problem.

The problem evidently still has not been solved. And there are now 5 6 11 19 people who have left a comment saying they have a similar problem…

Update August 4, 2013 : Devolo support has concluded that the device has a hardware fault and that it needs to be replaced. They told me to bring it back to the shop and ask for a new one. They determined that it was faulty because when it crashes it does not show it on the device (!) as all the lights stay green. I’m disgusted by this lack of customer support and have written a (long) blog post about this. I’m also solving my problem at my expense by buying another device from D-LINK to replace my faulty devolo with.  No more devolo or devolo support for me.

Update November 12, 2013 : in a comment below, Arturo has found that the devolo 500 units have a cooling problem – they shut down when too hot. Removing the cover as he did so they can get more air (or alternately, perhaps drilling holes in the cover) could also be a solution for you. But be careful – don’t get electrocuted !

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308 replies on “Devolo Powerline AV500+ network problems (2)”

Four years ago I started with three dLAN 200 AVsmart+ plugs that are all still running without problems in this modern domestic environment.
Two years ago I added a 500triple+ and it ran perfectly until a couple of weeks ago when suddenly all data outputs died. I sent the plug to the Devolo Service Center in Aachen who exchanged it instantly under warranty. This replacement ran for a week but then failed. At first, unplugging and replugging fixed the problem temporarily, but now another week later it refuses to be woken up. I’m currently waiting to see how Devolo will respond to my request for assistance (that I sent off before having found this blog).
Three months or so I had added a 500 duo+ that’s been running well so far . . . but after my 500triple+ experience described above and reading all the comments here I’m beginning to wonder if it too might die.
I’ll post any happenings here as and when they occur.

Constant dropping of network, all that local (UK) support can suggest is powering on and off or swapping cables. Even blamed the BT router.

Runs VERY hot!

A very expensive pile of junk.

Wireless stations seem to work ok but device that connects to router is hopeless and disables entire network. Just pointless.

A good news update to my May 3, 2014 message . . . After asking me to carry out various tests on/with the problematic dLAN 500triple+ adapter and report back, Devolo support finally decided mid-May to replace the replacement. This second replacement arrived shortly afterwards and has now been running without problems for about a month and will, I hope, continue so to do . . . failing this, I’ll immediately post a further update here.

Since the last firmware update, about 3 months ago, my AV500+ triples have been running smootly

Bought the dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ 2 days ago.
I wish I found this blog before purchase

My network drops 1-3 times/hour.

Tomorrow I go back to the store and return the shit.
But what should I buy instead?

Hi Daniel

I reported +- 2 months ago that I had solved my problem by buying the Netgear. 2 days later,that turned out to give the same problem as well. Then I exchanged it for the Fritz! setup. That was the worst of all 3. Fritz! was dropping about 5-10 times/hour. What I did find out by using the Netgear, ‘cos their software is the best of all, was that if I do not connect the device to the same power socket (as is recommended in their user guide), but rather connect it to different socket, then my transfer rate increased from 57(!!) Mbit to 187Mbit. My drop rate then decreased as well. With the last Devolo update, the drop rate on the Devolo and the Netgear are now about the same.

Speaking to our network guys at work, the reason for dropping is most likely noise on the line. For example, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, TV, etc. running on the same electric circuit. This explains the increased bitrate when using a different plug. On the 3rd connection I have an IBM AS/400 and an IBM Power system connected.

Hope this helps.


A long-term devolo fan, (14s, 85s, 200s) I bought 4 500av units and had the same set of problems as described here.

The same setup with the older 200AVs was solid as a rock. Never a drop.

After a week of swapping around, I sent all 4 500AVs back and bought some solwise equivalents.

They’ve been 100% bulletproof so far.

Been using Devolo 500 for some years. All the single port units work fine. I’ve had 4 triple port units. So far 3 of these have failed. They just go to a no lights state, nothing can wake it up. Amazon replaced the first two without quibble. Now to get the 3rd one replaced! I’m thinking of just getting singles.
Interesting comment about the 650 series – the port is on top instead of underneath – might work better for me!

My dlan500 avPlus also has the same problem. I have a Dlan Av wireless, a clan 500 duo+ plus a couple of older dlan200.

The dlan500 avplus is the only one faulty, today after unplugging it it would not even blink the LED, only after cooling down for 1min, AKA “me blowing to it”

Unfortunately I got it second hand so no warranty.

Same problem here.

With intense network traffic (especially with my NAS), the dLan 500 Av Plus connected to my computer / NAS / printer freeze.

I have to unplug/re-plug and it works again immediately.

The cooling problem sounds very likely.

I am also just getting this same problem. Was watching a video on iPad when suddenly it stopped via a Devolo 500 extender. Ran a speed test which showed 0.3MB download whereas it was 6.5Mb. I then checked speed at my PC, all Ok at 6.6MB. Checked a different extender (I have 3 Devolo 500s) and speed was OK . So it seems I have an extender that has gone duff the first time it’s been used for streaming video. I’ll return it immediately to Amazon UK for replacement, they are good.

I got a problem with the DEVOLO 500 DUO. Around 22:00 both wifi extenders looses connection. I start devolo cockpit and they not even show up there. The whole day they work fine, but after 22:00 they stop working. I can see them with my laptop, but i cannot connect to them. In the day i checked in cockpit and time managment is not in use. Does anyone had this problem before too?

This might happen due to interference from another machine on the same net. Are there other machines that start working around 22:00 ? If you live in an appartment, it could even be the neighbours !
You’ll need to do some sherlock holmes work, see what activates at 22:00.

So disappointing that these devices do not have the ability to switch off power save mode, I bought two 650 Triple+ kits, my requirements were WiFi, AC Pass-through, and Gigabit LAN, to future proof what I may or may not need, currently I just need the WiFi and AC Pass-through, and no need at the moment for the LAN (but I want the option), but this power save move renders these devices useless for my purpose. Hopefully they can release a firmware update that gives the option 🙁

Thanks for the post – I was about to buy a couple of Devolo 500 wifi units and will now hold off.

Interestingly I was buying Devolo because I’ve got the TP-Link starter kit you’re using, but although the powerline works fine the wifi doesn’t seem to pass all traffic correctly. Specifically DHCP renewals don’t always get through, so devices like Google’s Chromecast stop working. Like Devolo I’m having a hard time getting TP-Link to acknowledge or do anything about it, despite plenty of people reporting it in the forums;

Maybe I’ll just revert to wiring up the house – never had problems with cabling!

I have one TP-LINK installed, but don’t use it’s wifi at the moment – I did have some problems when I did use it in the beginning, so I disabled it. Perhaps a firmware update in the future will solve that (good luck on the forums !).

Currently I’m using D-Link devices – very happy with those, work flawlessly !

DLan 500 Wifi. Exactly the same symptoms. Devolo support said faulty unit so Amazon swapped it. New one behaves just the same. Network drops all the time.

Same here.
Problem is definitely with the hardware of the 500 Triple.
I have a nas under the tv that I back up photos to via ftp. Ran great on a 200.

I bought a smart tv, so thought the triple would be ideal to get the nas and tv both on ethernet, off the same socket.

FTP transfer of photos then started to hang after 5-10 minutes. No explanation.

Put the 200 back in, ran fine.

Had the 500 replaced by Amazon.

Same thing.

Put the 500 in the drawer for 18 months.

Was clearing the drawer out at the weekend, wondered if there was a new firmware now that fixed everything.

Well, dreaming is free, no?

There WAS a new firmware! Yay!

Put it on.

Same story.

I put it in the bin at the weekend and won’t lose any more sleep with this P.O.S.

Testing a Devolo 200 triple port and seeing a very similar issue. Good pings around 10ms, then after 5 minutes spikes up to 1500-3000ms, then sporadic time-outs and complete disconnection within about 10mins. Unplug, plug back in, does exactly the same thing again. There is a lot of testing left to do.

Great work on the blog btw, really admirable perserverence with a highly frustrating problem.

I am so relieved, I thought maybe I did something wrong. I have the Duo. Yesterday Cockpit couldn’t see the extra devices. This morning it could and I could even connect my internet radio with the wire. But the WLAN didn’t work at all – I changed the password and it didn’t recognise it; changed back to factory default and the default password wasn’t recognised either. Came back from a walk this afternoon, and the linked devices have disappeared completely from Cockpit, as has the connection. Hopeless. Taking it back.

I just purchased the Devolo 500 dLan WiFi pair and they worked for perhaps 5 minutes and the remote unit just vanished. I’ve requested a refund from Amazon as they don’t work, so it sounds like me that they are pretty useless.

Thanks for this great blog post. I was going absolutely crazy here…

I replaced 3 of my 5 Devolo 200 AVPlus with 650+ devices last May, because my ISP upgraded me to 90 Mbit/s and I was not getting that through those 200’s. Speed was much improved, but stability has been terrible. Connection dropped randomly, but mostly when multiple devices were using the dLan network. In the attic I have a 650+ dLan connected to a Netgear 8p GB switch which in turn connects 2 PC’s, 1 Xbox360, 1 WAP, 1 printer and 1 synology DS110J. Listening to Spotify on one PC and gaming online on the Xbox, with my wife on her PC surfing would usually spell trouble. Connection drops all over the place.

It took me a long time (actually until I found this post) to realize that the problem was with the 650+’s and not with any electrical interference of other devices like chargers, washing-machine, light-dimmers, etc. (like most websites report about) or with my ISP. The 200’s have been rock solid, so I never suspected the 650’s to be the problem. I upgraded to firmware, but no improvement.

Now I have switched back to the 200 mbit dLan’s a week ago and although transfer speeds across the network are slower, things are much more stable again. Have not had any drops so far.

Will contact Devolo CC now, but reading the experiences above I am not very hopeful… I purchased the devices at a good webshop ( and it hasn’t been a year yet. So I could always send them back “for repair” and let them deal with Devolo. Maybe only 1 of 3 devices is faulty, but to be honest I can’t be bothered to create a test setup and find out which… I’ll tell Devolo that too!

So, having read through all of the comments I thought I would add my experiences.

Have been a happy Devolo customer for many years, slowly upgrading as Devol bring out a faster / better product. All have been working fine until…………….

The network consists of 2 Dlan 200 minis, 2 Dlan 500 singles an 3 Dlan triple adapters, all working perfectly, then recently started to notice my Sky HD box struggling to load content, a quick look at the wall and the dreaded RED light, look in cockpit and a speed of 9mbit/s. The only thing that has changed that I can remember was a firmware upgrade on them. The other strange thing is that this problem starts at 16.27 every evening and nothing changes in the house, I know I have checked………….

Went to Devolo support and they blamed interference, sorry Devolo this is not the case – else I would experience it all day!

Really don’t know what else to do as I cannot return my units.

If the change happens every day exactly at 16.27, I fear that you might have some rogue device or other on your power network that activates at just that time. Or perhaps your neighbour, who might be on the same power network (this happens largely in older houses).

The problem me and others have had can be more subscribed to data usage, ie the more we fed data through the power line, the quicker the problem happened. Not using it or only slightly meant that we had less failures. Streaming a movie guaranteed an error. But never at an exact time of day.

Devolo *could* be partly right, it could be from interference. But that’s not really helping you… One thing you might want to consider removing any newish device just before 16.27 and see if that affects the problem or not. One at a time… I know it’s a long slog to do this, but it would eliminate that electrical device from your problem list…

Very interesting, I’ve been using Devolo dlan500s for my Internet connections and I’ve started having issues ever since it went from ~10M to 30M and now to 70Mbps. I’m removing the covers to see if it works and I’ll be looking for larger heatsinks and some thermal adhesive as a cheap fix.

I’ve also noted that my dLAN500 duo (no power socket pass-through) does _not_ have a heatsink, although this unit has been sitting in a drawer. The dlan500 plus’es (passthrough, in use and failing) do have a small heatsink on the main chip.

In the UK, BT’s rebranded broadband extenders seem cheap and stable AV500 solutions, but with this information further testing is certainly required.

[cross posted on the other blog post, apologies]

So I received an answer from Devolo support: They claim that the 650+ devices require a larger frequency range to be able to facilitate the higher data throughput. Due to that they might (their words) be more sensitive to interference… To be honest this kind of makes sense, but was not the answer I was hoping for.

They also send me a PDF with a recommended test setup to test if one of the devices is malfunctioning. The recommendation is to put 2 devices side-by-side in a single multiplug extension cord and hook the extension cord up to the mains. Then test the throughput between these devices. If this fails, then I should contact the web store and replace a broken device. If no broken device is found this way than I should do the thing I am dreading the most: switch off all but essential network / computer electrical equipment and run speed / connection tests. Slowly switch on more and more devices to uncover which device is causing the interference… Drilling holes in concrete walls and ceiling and installing a proper CAT6 ethernet network seems less work.
Strange thing about their email is that they focus on throughput, while I am having stability issues…

By the way: 1) the 200+ devices have not failed once on me since I went back to those. 2) I do not suffer from complete shutdown of the 650+ units. They only loose connection for approx. 30 seconds and come back automatically. So this is different from some of the problems described above.

I will do the extension box test asap, and report back. Next to that I am also looking into installing CAT6 at the top floor, but haven’t found a high WAF way to lay a big cable through the whole house… It’s all stone and concrete over here, so no easy way to hide any of the cables (the reason I went for dLan in the first place).


Okay, did the extension box test setup yesterday. As expected this all went very well. Throughput ( and line quality ( are excellent when two units are close together (578 Mbit/s in Cockpit). Increasing the distance between them in a stepwise manner, does decrease connection speed as expected. On the top floor I get 234/187 Mbit/s in cockpit and ~70 Mbit/s on speedtest, which is below my ISP speed of 90 Mbit/s.
I can live with that. More than enough for HD streaming and online gaming. The problem is the connection stability. The only way I have been able to replicate the connection drops is to have my PC, my laptop and my wife’s PC doing simultaneous speedtests. In stead of all three showing similar decreased speeds, I see a huge difference between them. The laptop hogs all the bandwidth and runs at around 65-70 Mbit/s. My PC starts immediately (ping is 10 ms), but starts very slow (3-5 Mbit/s and only will finish a decent speed when the laptop is ready. My wife’s PC seems to hang and loose connection. Ping shoots up and only after the laptop and my PC are done, than hers start to run the speedtest.
This made me think about network prioritization. Would a port on my unmanaged switch be more preferred that another? Could it be a QoS thing? How do Devolo’s dLans handle this? Or does is have to do with the different NIC and/or OS-es on these machines? (W7, W8.1 and Linux Mint).
So the test did produce a result: the devices seem to work normally. Stability problems could be a result of network traffic handling; either by the NIC’s, or the Netgear GS108 switch of the dLans… More to think about I guess. Any ideas anyone??

I found this thread whilst looking for the same answer most people on here are looking for….Is there a reason why my Devolo 500 keeps failing? I initially had 2 x 200s and a 200 WiFi. I bought a pack of 3 x 500s from aBay to replace the 2 x 200s and and extra. The new 500 connected the laptop i use heavily kept failing. I also noticed it disappearing from Cockpit when i was changing the names of the devices to monitor them. I have swapped them around to see it it was a location problem or device problem. Haven’t noticed a failure within the last hour but glad i found this threat to identify what the problem is. It seems that overheating is the main problem.

for me it works since a few days without any problems with firmware version 5.3.1…

before, with the solwise fw v5.2.4 dnla, i had some connections breaks RARELY (1x in 1 day for ~2-3 minutes)

with the 5.3.1 firmware, all seems to be ok now!! not one problem anymore since firmware update!!!

it was just a software problem, not overheating or something like that…

regards, markus

need to cite myself:

“it was just a software problem, not overheating or something like that…”

…however, it’s a big s**t if we (the customers) need to wait for >= 1 year until our devolo plc adapters are working without any problems!

im happy that they work now, but i will never buy again from devolo. really.

I have exactly the same problems. Sometimes my Devolos work, but speed is always below 20 Mbps.
And then quite regularly, they simply block the complete network, as it seems they are giving out double IP adresses.

try it with that firmware:

for flashing, use the latest “Powerline Utility” from a vendor that uses the AR7400 chipset in its plc adapters.

if you need to use the warranty, try to flash it back to the original devolo firmware. 😉

before i used that 5.3.1 version, i used a 5.2.4 DNLA firmware which was MUCH MORE better that the current devolo one. (max 1 connection break / day, ~3-5 min.)

with the 5.3.1 version, the connection is stable since MORE THAN 2 WEEKS, NOT 1 CONNECTION BREAK (!!!)

i wonder so nobody tries it and give me feedback it was successful or not…!?

Hi, I am also having problems with my AV500 adapters, many connection drops.

I installed the latest firmware yesterday but no luck.

I downloaded the alternative firmware, 5.3.1 but I’m failing at installing.

Could you point me to the correct software I need to flash it ? The included AVitar isn’t working for me I’m getting the following message:

7400/7450 AVitar/EDM does not support this device. Please use only 7400/7450 device.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.


I had been using the AVTriple+ 500s for over a year in a garden office, with no problems. Then I moved house and had a new garden office, again using the 500s again. For a couple of days they worked fine. Then I was replacing some lightbulbs in the office – I have 3 strip lights in the office with 4 GU10 halogen bulbs in each. 6 out of the 12 bulbs were out and I replaced these 6 with LED GU10 bulbs.

As soon as I put the new bulbs in, my internet went down and the only way I got it back up again was by taking out the 6 new LED bulbs! Did it again to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence. Ordered some TPLink adapters and these did exactly the same!! So to be fair, it wasn’t just the Devolo adapters causing problems. I am going to keep the TPLink adapters though and sell the Devolo ones as they are far cheaper (I bought 3 TPLinks on Amazon for the same price as 1 Devolo).

Next test I need to do is buy some new halogen GU10s and see if they have the same effect as the LEDs! Very strange indeed.

Hi Cris,

I recently purchased some TPLink AV600 adapters and I found out that I have eXaCTLy the same problem you describe: as soon as i plug in some LED lightbulbs in the room, the connection goes down.

Did you manage to find a solution?
Best regards

I have used Powerline 500M for a couple of years without any problems until one of the units ‘died’. Tried TP-Link 500M Wifi and they worked intermittently. Maplin recommended Devolo, so I swapped the TP-Link for a pair of Devolo dLan 500. These worked fine for about four days and are now dropping the connection every day at random times. They also emit a loud high-pitch buzzing noise and I suspect the electronics inside may be ‘stressed’ or running hotter than intended. I tried to re-establish connection using the pairing button, but that is not working any more. I unplugged both units and started from scratch and now have connection again.
If I have to re-install the dLan 500 every day or week, then the product has failed and will be returned to Maplin.
I don’t have any LED lights in my house (only lots of halogen spot lights), but would be interested to know if others have had problems with powerline ethernet links and LED lights.

I have bought Devolo Dlan 500 a year ago, however it kinda failed a week ago (died). I could not contact in person the Devolo company there i emailed them , and as anothe rperson above, the have only sent me an email with an FAQ pdf to read. Poor service if you ask me. I bought a new devolo duo just to get my adapters working again however i believe it will fail on me again as on many others.

i never had problems to reach the devolo support (1 year ago), but they never was able to solve my problem…


My case: I’m living in a flat that was refurbished in 2000 and electric wires were changed then.

I’ve been using a linkys pair PLC PLSK400 (200 Mbps in theory) at least for 3 or 4 years WITH NO PROBLEM AT ALL 365/24. Always plugged and on. They’re still alive and OK.

Since last November I’got a 100/10 FTTH line installed.

With the Linksys I’ve got 50/10 with no problem.

Till there, all ok.

I wanted to get all the capacity of the line and I bought last Christmas (as a self-gift..) a dLAN 650 triple+ pair and (obviously I begin using them). Tests with Speedtest give me 100/10 at the PC side. All ok for now…

And then problems appear and withe them the “but”: first of all devolo cockpit seems not to be compatible with Networx (a program to monitor connection speed). I uninstall it.

And in few days begin the connection drops. I think in the router (I reset it), I think in the firmware PLC (it’s updated with the latest).

And tired with so many drops a day, I unplug the dLAN and re-use the Linksys. No drop in a week…

Now, I’ve seen there’s a new devolo cockpit (no new FW since November) and I’ve put the dLAN again because after spending 108€ I feel like I’d throw them to the bin trash and I’d like not give up so soon.

I’ve disabled the power saving feature and I’m going to test it for a while.

If drops come back… Linksys again.

Hello guys,

I’m using a devolo 500 duo, very strange thing, I can coonect to the internet but cannot manage the devices in the cockpit software, I am running windows XP SP3. I using the latest version of cockpit and cannot find any older versions. Internet connections drops 3 to 4 times a day, really annoying.

Can anyone help with a solution?


I can confirm that the problem with the Devolo’s is heat. It’s sad that they stall their customers … company policy to optimize sales. Well the worldwide crisis is partly due to bankers and insurance companies but the other half is because every company on this planet is spending more money on marketing and sales than on quality and sustainability of their products. If one day humanity will be on it’s knees this will be the reason.

Joining the list of ‘victims’, I thought: why not. Changed the LED light in the pc room for a standard lightbulb and switched the lights of in the router room and lo and behold: speeds went up from 8ish to over 20Mbit. Still not the 100/100 I have here, but at least I’ve pinpointed one culprit.

Will surf the web in total darkness coming week to see if this at least stops the random disconnects. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a combination of factors: LED lights, overheating of the Devolos, etc. Might as well, as someone before me, drill a hole in the floor and be done with it. If so, I will send them back with an angry letter. Never buying Devolo again in any case.

Thanks for the hints & blog post & good luck to all.

hi there!!

1x connection problem in 3 days, that’s all i have to say…;-)

note: please use the most current powerline utility (mine’s from trendnet…)

kind regards, markus

I have just purchased a Devolo 500 Triple dLan and although through Cockpit I can see all devices I cannot log on with my phone or iPad. I can see the devices on both phone and iPad but when I try to log on with the password I am told that the password is incorrect. Have set new password but still cant get logged on

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I now have a 4″ usb powered fan about 8″ from the Duo and it is now cool to the touch. Before that it was hot. Fingers crossed!

I always kept hoping a Firmware update would fix my 500 aVmini adapters, which also hang almost every time I transfer a file larger than 1 GB (something I frequently do.) I too came to the conclusion that this was an issue with the electronics somehow overheating (the unit was always very warm to the touch each time I had to reboot it.) Shame on this company for selling an obviously faulty product. I would replace these adapters with cabling if I could but we live in an apartment, etc.. I’ll never buy anything from devolo again.


just so people know this isn’t just a devolo issue.

I had two tplink lan adapters and they would drop internet connection around 3 times day in exactly the same manner. Windows still knows the adapters are there but windows loses its connection to the internet.

so I eventually got fed up and bought some devolo 500 duo’s , these have exactly the same problem.

However one thing to note, it only seems to be internet browsing (http) that causes a problem. If I play games I don’t get dropped connections. It is only when I have some sort of http traffic going on that the connection drops.

I am going to setup some perf mon and event log monitors to see if they pick up any issues.

I have also just updated the firmware using devolo cockpit and disabled powersaving mode on both adapters just in case these things are losing connection due to some power saving bug.

Hi Ted,
After using the Devolo500 for a year without problems – or at least I did not notice the issues – I face now the exact some problems. Connection to the router drops, the wireless signal stays on so the device stays connected to the Devolo. It really turns me nuts.
I just upgraded the firmware of the Devolo’s. Hope they fixed this issue as it seems that many people were fighting the same thing.

Hi, thank god Im not the only one with this issue.
I have Devolo 500+ Duo with WiFi. In addition to that, I have 2 extra 500+ Duo (not WiFi). ALL seem to lose connection.
The WiFi Plug is too slow (a direct connection from laptop to router is so much quicker). I even tried plugging the WiFi Plug next to the router but its still slow. All other 500+ Duo Plugs keep dropping connection as well.
These plugs are a bunch of crap. Waste of money.
Best thing to do is buy a standalone repeater/access point.

Not being in the slightest technical but needing an extender to replace one no longer working, I bought a devolo dlan 500 wifi plus adapter cos it looked so simple to install. I am now on the second set, the first was apparently faulty. I has taken me 2 hours and much shifting the adapter around to get even to see the network, then when I try the password it the message is “unable to join the network’. I have run out of ideas now ….

Thanks for this post, same issue here, one DLan 500 AV Wireless+ and one dLan 500 AVPlus, bought as a bundle.

Upgraded firmware to latest level according to latest dLan Cockpit software (Mac). Still had issue.

I just removed the bottom of the 3-port wireless since this one is under my stairs hidden away, until know, it works… Can’t remove front of the AVPlus, don’t want to risk to fry my cats walking around.

Although this was the 3th or 4th set of Devolo, and I even advised them to my customers, this will be the last product I bought of them …

Hi! Just want to add another “me too” to the list.

Devolo 500, the one near the router is the faulty one. I had suspected the problem was too much heat – same thing used to happen with low quality routers, they overheated and you had to turn them off and let them cool.

Can’t see how to fix this. Maybe next versions can come with a small fan & little vent for air circulation.

At least they got rid of the horrible, high-frequency beeping noise some of the devolo 200’s made (or 100’s? I forget) also due to faulty hardware.

Thanks for being thorough with the problem and posting your findings!

I have some devolo’s too. Had many problems with slow and dropping wifi.

My setup was 3x DLAN 500 Wireless’, also one connected to the modem. I fixed the issue by replacing the DLAN 500 Wireless with the DLAN 500 DUO + (no WIFI) directly the the modem, and plugged the 500 Wireless into a random other connector and it works like a charm!

Apparently using a cable and wifi keeps overheating the device.

Me too 🙁
Several times it just stop activity and I have to disconnect and reconnect from the plug to let it work again.

Now I noticed that if I visit the device configuration page on the internal network, it starts working again.

In a recent comment I wrote that visiting the device configuration page on the internal network would force the device to work again.
This is not true, or at least it was not a devolo problem.
Mac OS X has a known issue about wifi connection easily solved. Still monitoring the devolo.

I’m having exactly the same issue.

The cooling problem hypothesis might be the good one, since my problematic unit is in a confined place, and gets quite hot.

I’ll try to find a way to cool it down and see if it solves the issue.

I have just the same problem.
For some reason 1 out of 5 500duo boxes stops working.
Most of the time its the same one.
Reboot and its working.
If someone finds a solution for this, I would be happy.

This is great news. I have had powerline in the past but it was way too unbeliarle and too many factors affected performance. Do you think you would get the same performance on MoCA regardless of where you connect it in the house (with powerline I would get different results depending on what outlets I plugged in to, wire distance between Point A to B, etc )?

I have the same issue with 1200+ but have some thoughts.

I purchased two wifi adapters and the base unit 3 weeks ago from Amazon.
Setup was simple and the software updated automatically when they were connected to the internet so I have the latest software. I have just moved and started to set up all of my wifi enabled equipment. Sonos, Smart TV, and wiwo lamp sockets.
All was well for a few days then Sonos started to drop, I checked my BB (broadband), it was solid initially then my laptop said no internet connection which pushed me to believe that my supplier was at fault. I put a call into them (Plusnet) and sat in the inevitable queue for 45 mins) the bb had dropped on several occasions but not when I had the issue.
The guy said that competing wifi signal was probably the issue and interestingly Sonos said that it could be the issue as well.
I have changed channels on both the Devolo router and Sonos so they are both at opposite ends of the band.
during my investigations it was also suggested that wifi drop out was caused by some iDect phones, which I also have.

The drop outs last about 5-20 seconds and come back on their own. the cockpit software seems to be solid and has not locked up or dropped adapters.

As of this morning Fri 27th Nov its dropped three times.

If this continues ( i am stress testing) I am going to put the adapters solely onto 5ghz as I do know that all of my other equipment is in the 2.4ghz range.

I will update when I have the answer.


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